Sovereign Consciousness 

Sovereign Consciousness is a space of inspiration, connection and support.

It is addressed to autonomous creative beings, on their way to their Individual Sovereignty.

Sovereign Consciousness participates in infusing this consciousness, already in clear expansion in our humanity, towards another world.

This other world already in motion is feeling an inner click.

In unison, each of its authors and creators choose to reconnect with who they are, and decides to take back their power, by altering their perception.

Peacefully, with confidence and in conscience.

Without crying or resistance. Without rage or revolt. Without hatred or division. 

Through a Consciousness which knows that our interior authority, which unites and connect us, has priority over the external authorities, which divide and disconnect us.

A Revolution of Consciousness is marching the Earth!

Launched on the important date of November 11, 2021, now marking the Remembrance Day of Who I Am, this site is still evolving. Your patience will be rewarded with richer and more interactive content in the days and weeks that follow. Stay tuned!